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Music from Around the World
Esoterica returned to the air
on April 18, 2008

88.1 fm
Lakeport, CA

hosted by Linda & Deon

Live: Thurs. 11 am
Repeats: Friday nights 11 pm

Esoterica first aired on KPFZ-LP radio July 2003 & ran until June 2005. When the station received it's construction permit from the FCC in April 2005 Lake County Community Radio Board of Directors decided that they couldn't keep the low power station running while trying to fundraise to build the new full power station. It took a lot of commitment & hard work by many people to make the dream of a full power station in Lake County a reality.

A big thank you to the LCCR Board, Andy Weiss & the many engineers, technicians, equipment manufacturers & legal team for making it happy.

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My role as host for Esoterica has come to an end as I left Lake County in February of 2012. My heart is sad as I miss the wonderful people who put their lives, hearts & souls into KPFZ. I wish them well in this grand experiment.

This show features music from some of the best artists around the world!

Inspirational brews of soothing exotic music, deep stillness, and dynamic rhythms.  More than World Music and flowing New Age, more than Meditation music, more than Driving Drums, Esoterica features music you won't hear on radio anywhere else in Northern California.  If you know of a group with a CD or on-line downloads that you think would be great to hear on Esoterica, please e-mail me be sure to include contact info if you have it. Check out below for an idea as to what musicians I already feature. This is, of course, only a partial list.  

Rhyschenda's Home Page

I want to thank the following record labels which donate to Esoterica:

White Swan Records

New Earth Records

Etherean Music

Shining Star Productions

Oto Records

Oreade Music

The following artists are among the many who have shared their music with this program's listeners:
(in no particular order)

Blackmore's Night
Thank you for my theme:
Under a Violet Moon

Emerald Rose

Laura Powers

Marc Gunn

Laura Theodore

Ancient Future

  • Irina

  • Zingaia

  • Christine Bonner

  • Shaina Noll

Burning Sage

Gypsy Nomads

Michael Allen Harrison


  • Pisces Projekt

  • Mandir

  • John Adorney

  • MamboRama

  • Sambo Ngo

  • Ragani

  • Silvard

  • B.R.O.O.M.

  • Jazayer

  • Omar Sosa

  • Kristi Stassinopoulou

Les Yeux Noir

Mary Youngblood

  • Yulduz Usmanova

  • Desert Knights

  • Jan Garberck

  • Ustad Fatah Ali Khan

  • Kristine Robin

  • Steve Deutsch

Steph Carse

I would also like to thank Karen Tate, Dorothy Morrison, Mamadou Diabate, Dr. Craig Dvorkin, Rep. Dennis Kuchinich, Allan Armstrong & others who have allowed me to interview them.  Books for review have been donated by Llewellyn International, 10 Speed Press, Inner Bear, and Weiser Publications.

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